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Projects we worked on

We work with companies large & small, transforming and disruptive.

Brands we worked with include IKEA, Airbnb, RoX Health, Zalando, O2, ottobock, VW, Consorsbank, Bosch, Grohe, Zeiss, Adobe,  Pinterest, Vodasun, Yara International, Ideal, Ruumi, Kranus Health, Art of Change, and many more.

Discovery & strategy for O2's 'financial companion'

Background & challenge 

Telefonica O2 wanted to introduce a new financial service to its’ customers. It sought to understand what service it could offer as a Telco provider, what value proposition would have the largest commercial potential, how could such a service look like and what would make it distinct from competitor offerings.


What we did

We facilitated an ideation session to come up with potential propositions and features, prototyped a few versions of the service and conducted a series of in-depth interviews with samples of each of O2’s customer segments. We then ran a large scale survey using ‘Max-Diff’ methodology to assess market potential of each of the ideated features.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Archetype profiles

  • Prototypes and Proof of Concept for the service

  • Proposed positioning and acquisition channels 

  • A ‘Financial companion’ service was launched to the German market

Telefonica o2.png

Creating a new platform for Zalando

Background & challenge 

One of Europe’s leading fashion retailers wanted to develop a platform which will simplify the onboarding process of suppliers and partners to reduce administrative costs. 


What we did

Through a series of stakeholders workshops and user interviews we developed and tested the concept for the new platform as well as helped establish an internal discovery process moving forward.

Outputs & outcomes

  • Product discovery process implemented in the company.

  • A new self serve platform for suppliers and partners launched. 

Building a product discovery process.png

Creating a new service in women's healthcare 

Background & challenge

ROX Health, one of Roche’s innovation arms, wanted to create a new digital health service for women in their  menopausal transition. 


What we did

We gathered a group of women who shared with us their experiences and challenges through this period. 

We then applied co-creation methodologies to ideate, prototype and test ideas for new services.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Archetype profiles

  • Customer journey maps

  • Prototypes and Proof of Concept 

  • New service introduced to the market

Product strategy. womens health.png

Helping IKEA transform its' food experience 

Background & challenge 

IKEA wanted to develop a digital product strategy to improve the food experience for customers and co-workers.


What we did

Through a series of in-depth interviews with IKEA customers and workshops with IKEA co-workers, conducted across multiple markets, we mapped the customer journey and food service blueprint and identified the most lucrative areas for improvement.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Customer archetypes and journeys

  • IKEA’s food service-blueprint

  • Opportunity map and business cases to support new initiatives 

  • Visual artefacts for internal communications

Product discovery and strategy in retail.png

Transforming IKEA's food experience with digital tools 


Background & challenge 

Based on our discovery of opportunities to improve the customer experience, IKEA tasked us to design a new food mobile ordering app and to re-design the digital kiosks in its' stores


What we did

Applying service design and co-creation methodologies we identified the unique value proposition for each of the touchpoints and designed them accordingly. An iterative process which incorporated usability testings in-store helped refine and optimise the quality of design.


Outputs & outcomes

  • IKEA’s food mobile app launched across multiple marketst 

  • Re-designed digital kiosks are currently being rolled out

Improving the customer experience in banking

Background & challenge 

Consors bank wanted to identify opportunities to improve its customer experience and to launch new services.


What we did

We mapped the journeys of three types of customers/actions: investing, trading and current accounts and identified areas which could be improved. 

Outputs & outcomes

  • Customer profiles and journeys

  • Adaptations to the customer journey

  • Launch of new ‘bots’

  • Optimization to marketing messages and materials 

  • An improved referral model

consors bank.png

Mapping opportunities and testing ideas in Fintech

Background & challenge 

One of Europe’s emerging fintech companies wanted to map out and test opportunities for new mobile payments solutions.


What we did

We conducted a global research to understand changes in consumer behaviours and emerging trends within the space. We then create a ‘Lab’ in which we tested several solutions we ideated following the research, to assess the potential adoption by users.

Outputs & outcomes

  • Global trend report

  • A ‘test lab’ 

  • A couple of commercial offers launched to the German market

validation in fintech 02.png

Helping Adobe identify unmet customer needs

Product discovery and strategy in retail-6.png

Background & challenge

We were asked to cover the German market within a global study about the use of creative programs. Our task was to gain insights about the creatives interactions with available digital tools in various creative disciplines and identify opportunities for new solutions.


What we did

We interviewed creatives with different levels of expertise - from hobbyists, students to advanced professionals - and mapped their needs and requirements.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Customer and user archetypes

  • Identified needs and desires

Transforming Grohe’s customer service 


Background & challenge

The Grohe customer support team was grappling with a high volume of inbound calls, leading to extended waiting and handling times. We were tasked with finding a solution to reduce wait times and enhance the team's service capabilities.

What we did

We profiled all customer and partner archetypes who typically seek customer support and compiled common scenarios and queries. Additionally, we created a service blueprint to ascertain the necessary responses for different needs. Our research revealed that not all queries are the same, and some demand faster responses than others.

Outputs & outcomes

  • We established a new escalation process prioritizing urgent queries which reduced average waiting time from over three minutes to less than 30 seconds

  • Developed a new customer engagement and knowledge management strategy

Helping Bosch identify opportunities in households

Background & challenge

Bosch - one of the world’s leading household brands -  was looking to find opportunities to introduce new smart  home appliances.

What we did

We used ethnographic research (via diaries and interviews) in selected markets to understand people’s current cooking and washing habits, their level of adoption of smart appliances and unmet needs and desires.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Customer profiles, needs and desires

  • Macro trends and potential future scenarios

Product discovery and strategy in retail-4.png

Finding how to support recovery from heart-attack

Background & challenge 

Leading global pharmaceutical brand Amgen sought to introduce new services to support post heart-attack patients, which would complement its’ existing product portfolio.


What we did

We mapped the ecosystem that supports post heart attack patients and identified the roles and needs of each stakeholder. Using in depth interviews with patients, we gained understanding of their needs and behaviors and identified the pains & gains during their recovery process. Applying a co-creative process with the patients we tested  potential solutions and features using scenario prototypes.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Stakeholders profiles, ecosystem and value maps 

  • Cross market opportunities analysis

  • Implementation requirements and feature ideas

Product discovery and strategy in retail-2.png

Open innovation programme for Marriott Hotels

Background & challenge 

Marriott Hotels aimed to enhance their appeal to a new generation of business travelers - a highly connected and tech-savvy audience.

What we did

Together with Marriott we defined key areas with the potential to transform the guest experience. We then mapped hundreds of startups and technologies and invited 8 to test their solutions at Marriott hotels across the EMEA region, following a managed and measured programme. We documented and communicated all stages of the programme in various media channels.

Outputs & outcomes

  • Mapping and analysis of available solutions and focus areas

  • 8 innovative solutions tested - learning gathered

  • Synergies fostered between different Marriott business units 

  • Hundreds pieces of content created and disseminated across media channel, which helped to raise awareness within and outside the organisation.


Product validation & prioritisation in healthcare

Background & challenge

Kranus Health - a digital men health startup - was looking to raise series A funding. In order to convince potential investors, it sought to validate its' value proposition, business model and product market fit.


What we did

Using a series of in depth interviews and rapid prototyping we identified Kranus’s target audience needs  & challenges and tested the appeal of Karnus’s value proposition. 


Outputs & outcomes

  • Customer profiles and purchase journey maps

  • Validated value proposition and refined business model 

  • Kranus secured €1.2 Million funding 

Product discovery in mans health.png

Product strategy for an e-vehicle's app 

Background & challenge

One of the world’s leading automotive brands asked for our support to optimize the mobile app designed for its’ electric vehicles owners. 


What we did

Usability testing with selected car owner archetypes to understand how they wanted to interact with their vehicles using the app and which features were most important for them. 


Outputs & outcomes

  • Understanding of car owners expectations from the app 

  • Prioritise features 

  • Recommended UX/UI improvements

Product discovery and strategy in retail-5.png

Helping shape a new event for the creative industry

Product discovery and strategy in retail-8.png

Background & challenge

A leading event organiser in Europe wanted to launch a new event aimed at the creative industry. They asked us to help imagine what this event could look like.


What we did

We analysed the current event landscape and interviewed over 20 leading figures, who regularly attend and/or sponsor such events, to understand their needs, desires and decision making factors and to identify opportunities to innovate in the space. 


Outputs & outcomes

  • Analysis of the creative event industry 

  • Content and format ideas for the new event

  • The event will be launched in autumn 2023

New service discovery and validation for IKEA food

Background & challenge

IKEA wanted to map the opportunities for selling food using online platforms.

What we did

Deep qualitative interviews followed by large scale surveys across multiple markets (and 3 continents) provided understanding of post-pandemic food purchase behaviours.


A targeted ad campaign featuring product prototypes tested the desirability of various commercial propositions by IKEA.


Outputs & outcomes

  • Analysis of food purchasing habits across key markets 

  • Assessment of new commercial initiatives 

  • 2 new services launched

Product discovery and strategy in retail-7.png

Product vision & strategy for an insurance giant    

Background & challenge

A global insurance provider sought to deploy a new data platform across multiple markets and different operating companies. To do so, the central team needed to align multiple stakeholders on the products vision and identify the best way forward for product investment and rollout.

What we did

We led a week’s sprint, which involved over 20 of C-level execs and product leads, and used various frameworks and methodologies with the aim to reduce complexity and articulate value.


Outputs & outcomes

  • A shared vision for the new product

  • Agreed development and rollout strategy 

  • Identified value propositions for various companies

Product strategy for insurance company.png
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