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We help business leaders create purposeful  products by bringing fresh perspectives on their business & customers, finding the evidence needed
to make informed decisions, and co-creating purposeful solutions with target users   
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Product  discovery 


We combine ethnographic research and market analysis to identify  current and emerging needs and preferences of customers and users. Using our findings, we work with our clients to determine the areas that are most important to focus on and develop innovative product ideas and concepts to address them.

Our solutions include:​

  • Customer insights

  • Customer journeys & service blueprints

  • Futures & scenarios

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product strategy

Product  delivery 

We bridge the gap between inside-out and outside-in perspective to craft product visions that align with the client's overall strategy and resonate with their customers' needs and preferences. Using various tools, we validate product ideas, test assumptions and gain clarity on which priorities to invest in now and which ones next.


We support our clients with:

  • Product vision, strategy and roadmaps

  • Proposition development & validation

  • Experience design

We work with companies large & small, transforming and disruptive.

About The Next Now

The Next Now is a Berlin based studio with global reach, dedicated to giving business leaders clarity and confidence at every stage of the product development process.

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Katia Musiolek

Anthropology & design research

Katia brings over 15 years of strategic experience in designing brands, products, and services that resonate with people. With a background in anthropology, social sciences, and design research, she blends strategic and analytical skills to create bold and innovative solutions. Her focus is on understanding people's needs and behaviours and discover the most lucrative opportunities for new products and services. Brands that Katia worked with include VW, Airbnb, Pinterest, Bosch, Consorsbank, Amgen, ottobock and more.

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The founding team

guy kedar
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Guy Kedar
Strategy & Business Design

Guy has over 20 years of experience in strategic consulting, product strategy and development, digital transformation, and innovation. He has worked with iconic brands such as IKEA, Marriott Hotels, Michelin, SAB Miller, and Blizzard. His expertise lies in helping businesses identify and capitalize on new opportunities, leverage emerging technologies, and drive innovation across all areas of the organization to transform their operations

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